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Best Linux Web Hosting

How to Choose the Best Linux Web Hosting

How to Choose the Best Linux Web Hosting

While Apple’s Mac OS X has been gaining in popularity in recent times, Microsoft Windows is still the most well known and widely used operating system by far. In its array of versions, Microsoft’s operating system has been nothing short of dominant, and from the looks of it, this  will not be changing anytime soon. Windows may rule in the desktop environment, but there is a different king in the web hosting arena, and its name is Linux.

A Little Info About Linux

The Linux operating system was originally created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, who at the time was attending the University of Helsinki in Finland. Initially intended to be a tool for academic purposes, his creation went on to become one of the pioneers in the free software movement. Today, Linux exists in a wide variety distributions, each based on the original kernel created by Torvalds. Not only is it dominant in the web hosting environment, but also gaining ground as a desktop platform.

As an open source operating system, Linux is a very affordable option. Many distributions are free while almost all are cheap compared to Microsoft Windows. Under the GNU General Public License which makes the source code freely available, users are able to modify the software and incorporate a broad range of other open source technologies to greatly extend its functionality. It is this level of flexibility that makes Linux web hosting one of the most cost effective solutions on the market.

Though well known for its cost efficiency, reliability is where Linux truly shines. Whether installed to operate a desktop computer or serve as a workhorse in the server environment, it is easily one of the most durable platforms of its kind. A lot of Linux’s reliability has to with the design, which has been contributed to by a group of skilled engineers and developers from the open source community. Many feel as if the reliability of this platform can be matched by none other than Unix itself, the operating system on which it was built.

Superior reliability makes Linux web hosting a fine choice whether your plans call for a simple blog, or a high trafficked e-commerce site. With that said, the company you choose plays a huge role in the overall quality you enjoy. Below we have outlined some of the important factors that must be considered in order to find the best Linux web hosting solution.

Your Individual Needs

Assessing your needs is important when shopping for any type of web hosting solution, but even more so when basing that decision on the operating system. For the most part, what must be considered here is the technology that is needed for you to be successful. If you have decided that you require Microsoft technologies such as ASP and MS SQL, you would undoubtedly be better suited for a Windows-based package. If universal technologies such as PHP and MySQL are suitable, then Linux web hosting will be just fine. The great aspect about Linux is that the platform is flexible enough to cater to just about any need, so this part all boils down to a matter of specific preferences.

Linux Distribution

Very few shoppers go into the web hosting evaluation process thinking of which type of Linux they will use. This is understandable because if you only require a traditional shared hosting plan, the type is not really an issue. However, it could make a signifigant difference if you need a virtual private server or dedicated server. For example, if you lack server administration skills, you may be better suited for a distribution with a user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) such as a newer version of SUSE as opposed to one like a minimal install of Debian that forces you to operate from a CLI (command line interface).  The major difference here is the degree of complexity.

Level of Security

Great security is a staple of the Linux operating system, and one of the many reasons it is such a big hit in the web hosting arena. Aside from being more secure in design, it also benefits from being under the radar as compared to the well known and most highly exploited operating system Microsoft Windows. However, no system is infallible so security should be among your top priorities when evaluating Linux web hosting plans. Regardless how secure the platform is, the level of security you enjoy will be dependent on the host’s commitment to regularly updating the system, making the proper configurations, and taking all the necessary measures to keep you safe.

Service Reliability

The reliability of Linux is well documented, but when it comes to web hosting, all that flies out of the window. There are no guarantees in this game. Your website could still run slow, and sluggish if all the right elements are not in place. This is why you must place a special focus on service reliability. Read a few reviews and do your homework to narrow done your choice to only the most reliable web hosting providers. It is the only way to ensure you receive the best Linux has to offer with a website that performs like a champ and is always available.

Make the Right Choice

Offering speed, tremendous flexibility and tons of power, Linux is the cream of the crop as far as durable operating systems go. Choosing this type of web hosting solution could turn out to be one of the best decisions you make in regards to your website and online presence. The platform is suitable for a wide variety of needs, but as you have learned here, being able to reap the real benefits is all in the decision you make. It takes a solid company that is capable of fully supporting technology and bringing out all this particular system has to offer. Make this a priority during your search, and you will find yourself the best Linux web hosting solution.