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Best Reseller Web Hosting

How to Choose the Best Reseller Web Hosting

How to Choose the Best Reseller Web Hosting

There is certainly no shortage of web hosting types on today’s market. These variations exist for those with different needs, but most are designed to help accomplish the same goals of allowing one to have a website and build a presence online. However, there are some that are more unique, and reseller web hosting is one that instantly comes to mind.

Reseller web hosting presents money making opportunities in one of the most profitable internet-based industries in existence. No need to have your own IT infrastructure or extensive programming skills because it is all covered. As a reseller, you do not have to worry about server hardware, a data center, or anything the typical hosting firm has to concern itself with. All you have to do is focus on  promoting your new business and service your clients.

Perhaps the true beauty of reseller web hosting lies in the control that lets you run things your way. For example, you can set the price for your packages and more importantly, establish your own profit margins, which is where the real revenue potential comes into play. With the right solution, you can drive additional revenue by charging for related items such as domain registration, renewals, and other services.

Reseller web hosting is ideal for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and just about anyone who wants to earn income from the hosting industry. It is truly a win-win for all parties involved.

The consumer gets the service they need, the web host gets to sell more service plans, and you as the middleman, get an opportunity generate revenue on a consistent basis.

The number of companies offering reseller web hosting solutions has grown substantially in recent times. In turn, this has made choosing a confusing and often difficult process. Since you are essentially lending a hand to help the host make more money, you need a reliable partner that will support you. Keep the following factors in mind to ensure that you select the best reseller web hosting solution:

Control Panel Software

When shopping for a reseller web hosting package, the control panel is the one component you cannot afford to skimp on. It is a very important element tied to a decision that can either make for a smooth ride, or a bumpy one filled with frustration. The control panel is so vital because it is what enables you to manage your entire operation. A good piece of software will allow you to easily set up accounts, create hosting plans, bill your customers and handle all the necessary administrative aspects. Focus on finding a control panel that saves you precious time and money, while providing the ability to run your business with the utmost efficiency.


Finding the best reseller web hosting solution calls for you to pay close attention to the features offered in the package. And while there may be specifics you want to consider for the benefit of your customers, the two most important features are bandwidth and disk space. These two resources are so vital because they directly affect the growth of your business. You have to account for the average user that doesn’t need anywhere close to 1 GB of bandwidth and disk space per month, as well as the more advanced user who could easily surpass this amount in a week’s time. It will take some planning to determine what amount of each resource gives you and your customers the room needed to grow.


The number of domains included in a reseller web hosting plan is also essential as it plays a role in how many plans you are allowed to sell on one account. For instance, if a prospective service provider only allows 10 domains, you may want to consider going with another company since this number leaves you quite limited. The good thing is that several web hosting firms let you maintain as many domains on a single account as you can handle. In this instance, the allotment of bandwidth and disk space again comes into play.

Level of Support

Support is a factor that can either make or break your efforts as a reseller. If your web host is not supporting you, how can you possibly support your customers? The lack of support could lead to complaints and dissatisfaction that eventually sees you going out of business. When your customers have questions, you need to be able to respond quickly with the answers. This will not be an issue if you settle for nothing less than a host that offers responsive support through various channels on a 24/7/365 basis. The internet never sleeps, so neither should a good support system.

Plan Before You Buy

It takes extensive planning and sound execution to have success as a reseller of web hosting. The biggest part of the plan is identifying your target market. What audience is best suited to receive the services your business has to offer? While you could certainly aim for the general market, you may have more success targeting a niche market. Perfect examples of niche markets would be consumers looking for a website that involves special interest areas such as blogging, image hosting, or gaming. Tackling a smaller niche will help you stand out from the crowd and be more focused in your marketing.

As you have learned by reading this, there is much that needs to be processed when seeking a reseller web hosting solution. Aside from what has already been mentioned here, you also have to think about the operating system you want to run, databases, programming languages and other elements that attribute to a good hosting package in today’s market. If you are targeting a niche market, there may be specifics needed to cater to your audience. So get your game plan together, and find a reliable partner than can help you accomplish your goals. Make the right choice, and you could be the next successful reseller.