Dedicated Server Hosting

Among the large number of web hosting providers with an associated type, dedicated server hosting is known as the Cadillac of the hosting industry. Dedicated server hosting consists of a customer leasing a server(s) and subsequent connections that is not shared with any other accounts. This is the best possible web hosting type available because the customer is not affected by others on the same server thus maximizing flexibility, customization and performance.

Managed web hosting falls under the umbrella of dedicated server hosting as it is comprised of server administration by the hosting company. This can usually be purchased as an add-on service. Dedicated servers are housed in a data center which provides redundant power, temperature and humidity controlled rooms, on-site security and natural disaster avoidance procedures.

There are a number of advantages in opting for dedicated server hosting which include:
•    No server sharing
•    100 Percent Uptime
•    Leasing of equipment
•    Reliability
•    Customization

As previously mentioned, since the server is not shared with any other hosting accounts, the performance is maximized. All resources and connectivity from that server is used solely on a single customer. Most data center facilities provide high powered networks through multiple internet service providers. Since a dedicated server utilizes a large amount of bandwidth, the data center is able to secure a lower price for purchasing in “bulk.”
As a result of these multiple internet service providers, significant redundancy and high powered networks, the majority of dedicated server providers offer 100 percent uptime. Although shared hosting providers guarantee 99.9 percent uptime, the majority do not hit that goal each month and have to refund their customers. Most dedicated server providers are able to acquire 100 percent uptime.

Another benefit of this type of web hosting is the leasing of equipment. Since the equipment is not purchased and only “rented,” the return on investment of a company can be significant. Servers and subsequent equipment are expensive; therefore by leasing at a monthly cost, the company will be able to save over a long period of time. Also, hardware replacement is covered by the dedicated server hosting provider which eliminates the need for hardware upgrades.
Additionally, dedicated hosting is typically more reliable and secure than other types due to the lack of sharing with other customers. For instance, with shared hosting, since many users will be on the same server, they could hack into the other accounts and wreak havoc. Also, if one website is banned by an internet service provider or Google for inappropriate material, the entire server with that IP address will also be banned.

The final advantage is the availability of full customization. Software, upgrades, scripts, applications and the server’s operating system can all be selected by the customer. With most other types of hosting, this is not an option and only a limited amount of customization can be applied to a server. One aspect to point out if the managed hosting add-on is not selected; website owners must manually install all desired upgrades.

With all benefits there is accompanying limitations such as:
•    Price
•    Unmanaged hosting
•    Lack of IRC
•    No adult content
•    Copyright violation

The first shortcoming of dedicated server hosting is the price. Although it was previously stated that this type of hosting can have a high return on investment, for those that do not fully utilize the service, it can also have a negative impact on the budget. Dedicated web hosting is significantly more expensive than other web hosting types. Prior to selecting this web hosting type, be sure it is the correct option for your business needs.

The second con is that if selecting a package that does not include unmanaged hosting, maintaining the dedicated server can consume an enormous amount of time and technical expertise. Many administrative tasks can be difficult and if you lack the knowledge to perform such tasks, you will need to hire an information technology professional. This is usually the reason many organizations opt for managed hosting.

A less important limitation is that many dedicated server hosting providers do not permit the use of internet relay chat (IRC) bots, daemons and clients. This is primarily due to anonymous IRC users conducting DDoS attacks on the provider which can significantly disrupt the entire network resulting in a lower quality of service for those on the network. This could even lead to system shutdowns which would result in significant downtime.
Furthermore, most web hosting providers do not allow adult content on their servers. This is usually due to that fact that these types of websites have liability issues and can bring a great amount of trouble to the provider. Therefore, most have a “no adult content” policy in their terms and conditions. If this is found on a server, the customer is subject to termination of services. However, there are dedicated server hosting providers that specifically host this type of hosting.
Although not as much of a limitation as it is a warning is the potential for copyright violation. Although the majority of dedicated server customers do not need to worry about this, there are a few that engage in copyright violation of software. If the dedicated server hosting provider learns that illegal software is being use on or distributed by their servers, the customer is subject to termination as per most provider’s terms and services.

Dedicated server hosting is one of the best web hosting types currently available behind managed dedicated server hosting. While there are a few limitations, there are plenty of benefits to take advantage of if you are able to afford it.

As the need for high bandwidth, resource consuming websites continues to grow, many businesses will opt for dedicated server hosting due to the advantages it provides. In turn, this will significantly lower the price making it more affordable for the small to medium sized business. In the future, the web hosting industry could witness a significant increase in the number of dedicated server hosting customers while will greatly increase the number data centers worldwide.