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Best Shared Web Hosting

How to Choose the Best Shared Web Hosting

How to Choose the Best Shared Web Hosting

Web hosting services have increased in demand in recent times. These services allow anyone to have a website that is accessible to internet users around the world. Some use them to further a hobby and accomplish personal goals, while others are more interested in taking advantage to pursue business opportunities. Web hosting is indeed a diverse industry with solutions intended to fit a wide range of needs. And while there are many options up for grabs, shared hosting is what most customers decide on.

Shared web hosting is the most popular choice for individuals and small businesses that require a website. Thanks to advancements in internet technology and the proliferation of open source software, it is now possible to acquire everything needed to build a beautiful, professional looking website at a very affordable price. However, it is important to make yourself familiar with the advantages and disadvantages associated with this type of hosting to determine if it is truly right for you.

The Pros and Cons of Shared Web Hosting

Not only is shared web hosting a cost effective solution, but it is a user-friendly option as well. This type of hosting caters to users with little to no technical abilities, making it ideal for someone working with their very first website. With access to an easy to use control panel, managing your entire account is usually a breeze in this environment. Another aspect that speaks to the user-friendliness of shared web hosting comes from the fact that you are essentially outsourcing all the real maintenance to the service provider. The host takes care of the technical burdens, freeing you up to concentrate on your web presence.

While shared web hosting offers many advantages, it is not without its drawbacks. One of the biggest disadvantages is the lack of control. Beyond the control panel, you really have no administrative authority, meaning you are quite limited in terms of what you can actually do. Shared web hosting is also more susceptible to performance and security issues, which could result from merely sharing server space with other users. In this environment, the activities of your neighbors could easily affect you.

As you can see, shared hosting has ups and downs. For this reason alone, you must place added emphasis on finding a quality solution that gives you all the positives, and as few as the negatives as possible. Here are some key factors to ponder over in the midst of your search:

Available Features

With a dedicated hosting solution, you have your own server and enjoy all the benefit this freedom has to offer. In this environment, you can incorporate the software and technology that enables you to have whatever features you desire. This is not the case with shared hosting so you must actively seek out the features you require. Specifics are important here because not all web hosting providers offer the exact same features. If one package only has PHP support, but you need the power and flexibility of ASP.NET, then you know that is not the right solution for you. Write down all the features and capabilities you feel your site needs to be successful, survey the market, and find the companies that offer them.

Responsive Support

Support is one of the factors potential customers neglect to consider when searching for web hosting services. This is a critical mistake you cannot afford to make. One of the main reasons customer choose to leave their current host in favor of another is frustration that results from lackluster support. The best firms provide support on an around the clock, 24 hour basis, allowing you to obtain the help you need through channels such as toll-free phone, email, and live chat. You never know when something might go wrong, so put an emphasis on finding a shared web hosting solution that comes attached with responsive support.

Service Reliability

There are a number of factors that musts be considered when evaluating shared web hosting solutions, and reliability is the most important of them all. We have already touched on the potential performance and security issues to hint that this type of hosting is not as reliable as others. In order for your website to thrive in this environment, the host must use quality server hardware and have an infrastructure that is designed to keep your website up and running efficiently. Some of the companies that have given the shared web hosting sector a bad name are still out there. If you do not put a strong focus on reliability, you could run into them.

Overall Price Value

Price value is something you should take into account when shopping for anything. Web hosting should be no exception. This is important because although packages on the market are generally affordable, the actual price can vary greatly depending on who you are dealing with. For example, one company might charge $20 or more per month on a plan offering that exact same features that can be had for under $10 a month elsewhere. More important than the final cost is the overall value of the package. Even a $10 per month plan could be too much if the value it delivers does not match up.

Do Your Homework

Shared web hosting is the most popular option in today’s marketplace for a reason. It is usually cheap and if you are not all that technical savvy, it makes a great choice for starting and growing your web presence. With that said, there are some pitfalls that must be avoided, and putting your focus on the points mentioned here can help you get around them. So find yourself a few reputable companies, match their qualities up against your requirements, and narrow them down to the suitor that can accommodate all your specific needs. Doing your homework is the most surefire to come out with the best shared web hosting solution.