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Best Joomla Web Hosting

How to Choose the Best Joomla Web Hosting

How to Choose the Best Joomla Web Hosting

Joomla is the most celebrated content management system on the market. Totally free to use, it allows you to easily build and manage a content-rich website. Though a little programming experience can go a long way, it is not required to have a successful run with this user-friendly software package.

What makes Joomla such a special CMS is the flexibility it has on so many fronts. The platform is ideal for just about any type of website you can think of, giving you the tools to create everything from blogs and e-commerce stores to community portals and intranet sites. For the most part, getting up and running with the platform is a fast and easy process. Once the software is installed, you have access to an arsenal of tools that can be used to build your website, and keep its content intact.

Joomla may be free and easy to use, but that is not where its true strength lies. The real power comes from its open source code as the project is maintained by a vast community of developers who have worked to extend its capabilities over the years. The plugins they have created let you do things such as incorporate flash-based slideshows, calendars, forums, and much more. These plugins are designed to extend Joomla’s functionality, but if you are handy with code and can design your own, then you can build custom components that perfectly suit the needs of your site.

The Joomla CMS certainly has a lot to offer, and its amazing flexibility makes it an excellent choice for growing your web presence. Before you get started, read this guide to learn how to choose the best Joomla web hosting.

Joomla Compatibility

The first step is finding a web hosting provider than can fully support the software. Joomla is capable of running on any server equipped with Apache, PHP, and MySQL. You may require certain versions of these applications depending on the version of Joomla you are trying to run.

It would also be wise to find a host that offers a fully updated version of the software. While Joomla 1.0 is still used, it also contains bugs and many other issues that have been addressed in subsequent versions. Going with the latest update will ensure that you are running the most stable, secure, and reliable version.

Joomla Installation

When searching for the best Joomla web hosting, you must also consider how you will actually install the software on your account. This is no problem for some, but it can be confusing for others. If you are not familiar with technologies such as FTP and MySQL, then you might have a tough time getting the platform up and running. This can all be solved by finding a hosting company that offers Joomla in a one-click installation. These hosts generally have utilities on hand that automatically create the necessary database and install the application in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is enter your desired administrative details, click the mouse, and you’re done.

Database Support

Joomla is a database-driven application, meaning it requires a database in order to run on the server. For this reason alone, you should set your sights on a web hosting solution that comes equipped with more than one database. Sure, you may not see a need for multiple databases when first signing up, but you do not want to find yourself in a situation where the blog or shopping cart you have already added to your account, prevents you from installing the CMS you need to move forward. Choosing a package with multiple databases assures that you will have enough to run Joomla, and several other applications if you so desire.

Multiple Domains

The number of domains included in your package is also critical to Joomla web hosting. For many individuals, having one domain for one website is enough. Others require more to support their diverse needs. If you want to run Joomla beside your traditional website or blog, you must have additional domains to support it. Of course you could decide to purchase a service with two different hosting companies, but this will end up costing you more money and it will be more of a hassle in terms of administration. By opting for a solution that allows you to have more than one domain on a single account, you pay for one hosting and manage all your sites from a centralized location.

Joomla Expertise

As we mentioned earlier, Joomla is supported by an active group of developers and users. Because the project is not maintained by a corporation, there is no official customer service so you must rely on the community for support. Although this community tends to do a solid job at lending a hand, you should still put emphasis on finding a service provider that will support you as well. Although the software is essentially a third-party application, it is still good to have a host that is knowledgeable of the platform and willing to help out. Between the company’s support team and the Joomla community, you should have a support system that helps you quickly address any problems that may arise.

Reliable Infrastructure

It takes a reliable infrastructure to get the most from a Joomla web hosting solution. While it is a lightweight application when factoring in all the resources you should have available in your package, the company’s server must still be optimized to efficiently run the platform. If not, you could be stuck with a CMS that puts out less than stellar performance. A web host with a reliable infrastructure in place will ensure that your site performs well and is always available.

The Ultimate CMS

The Joomla CMS is ideal for any type of website. Its simplicity makes it a preferable option to Drupal, and its flexibility surpasses that of even WordPress. Find yourself a quality web hosting solution, and you will be able to unleash the power of Joomla!