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Honest Host Award

Honest Host Award

The Honest Host Award

The Honest Host Award is an idea I had even before I started to actually work on creating this website. Now it's a reality. I am proud to present the Honest Host Award to each and every host that I selected. As you may know by now, the main criteria for selecting these companies is explained here.

They all deserve it because they treat their customers fairly by providing excellent support and service and -- above all -- they proved to be Honest!

Though not very popular yet, this award is definitely one of the most valuable hosting awards. What it lacks in popularity it definitely makes up in quality.

It's a clear fact that the most valuable awards are the ones that are given to very few out of many, based on their merits. Just as important is the fact that a valuable award cannot be bought.

The Honest Host Award clearly singles out hosts that are truly better than most. It is my honor to award these companies and it is their privilege to be able to display any of the following graphics on their websites:

All newly awarded companies shall be notified in a timely manner. Also, the companies that no longer deserve the award will be notified of the change and asked to remove all award related graphics and/or claims.

You can see a nicely presented current list of these hosting companies on the Honest hosts page.