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LunarPages Review

lunarpages review

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Lunarpages Web Hosting Review

LunarPages has been thriving in the web hosting business for more than 10 years. The company got its official start back in the year 2000, and has gone on to build a base of well over 100,000 customers. With numbers like that, it is clear to see that it is one of the most successful hosting providers around.

Specializing in solutions designed for individuals, small businesses, and large companies, it has a little something on the menu for everyone. LunarPages certainly has the reputation, but can it deliver the goods to meet your specific needs? Find out by reading this detailed web hosting review.

Products and Services

LunarPages is capable of supporting a wide range of needs, evidenced by its massive portfolio of products and services. The company specializes in almost every facet of the web hosting arena, offering basic plans on shared servers, in addition to virtual private servers, dedicated servers, managed hosting, and reseller accounts. It also offers enterprise class email solutions with the

award winning Microsoft Exchange Server. As an  ICANN accredited registrar, LunarPages has domain names available, and much more, making it your one-stop shop for internet hosting services.

Basic Features

If you are looking for a web hosting plan that is rich in features and functionality, look no further than LunarPages’ low cost Basic package. You receive unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a free domain name, and the ability to run multiple domains on a single account. The true beauty of this plan lies in all the free software options. LunarPages gives you immediate access to some of the most highly sought software programs available, including your choice of blog engines, content management systems, community forums, and many more.

Business Features

LunarPages’ Basic plan is also well suited to accommodate small business needs. The package comes included with a robust email suite, complete with the ability to set up multiple accounts, three different webmail programs, and mailing lists to keep up with your contacts. You also get an effective spam filtering application to help keep the junk out of your inbox. If your business plans call for selling products or services online, the Basic plan has you covered with a variety of shopping cart programs as well as CRM software to manage your customer relations. LunarPages provides an arsenal of tools to help you accelerate your business endeavors online.

Control Panel

The control panel is designed to make your life as a webmaster easy. In fact, managing your LunarPages hosting account couldn’t be any easier thanks to its choice control panel, cPanel.

The leading control panel on today’s market, cPanel is the preferred option for web hosting providers and users alike, admired for its ability to simplify all the vital management aspects.

From a simple web-based interface, cPanel lets you upload and manage files, create email accounts, view traffic statistics, monitor resource usage, an install all the add-on programs that are included in account. Through Fantatisco, which is bundled in the control panel, you can install applications that range from WordPress to Joomla in a single click.

Customer Support

A low price and great features amounts to nothing without a solid support system. LunarPages provides award winning support in a variety of ways. When times get tough, you can get help via toll free phone, live chat, and an email-driven ticket system that gives you a case number to keep up with your specific issue. Also available to you are online resources complete with FAQs, tutorials, a Wikipedia-like knowledge base, and community forum. LunarPages’ support system is nothing less than stellar, and its staff of experts form the very backbone.


The LunarPages platform is driven by the powerful and flexible technology that makes the web hosting business go round. Offering solutions in both Linux and Windows flavors, it is rich in the features that are specific to both operating systems. Linux packages boast support for PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, and MySQL, while Windows plans support ASP, JSP, and SQL Server databases. These technical specifications are just the tip of the iceberg because LunarPages’ technology gets even more impressive the deeper you dive into its more advanced offerings.

Service Reliability

LunarPages has a rock-solid infrastructure that is built for success. The company operates from state of the art data centers in Arizona, Nevada, and California, each facility designed to withstand the demanding pressures of the hosting environment. Its data centers are equipped with the best breed of server hardware and world class connectivity, which helps to ensure exceptional performance and availability across each of its solutions.

Security is something LunarPages takes quite seriously. The firm administers various steps to make sure your investment is protected on multiple fronts. It has advanced security mechanisms in place to ward off common network threats such as DDoS attacks, viruses, and other types of malware. Onsite security personnel keeps the facilities physically protected, while regular backups are performed to make sure your data can be restored. Throw in around the clock monitoring, and you have a reliable service that guarantees your site will be up and running.


While LunarPages web hosting service is quite appealing on its own, it also offers some nice bonuses to enhance the deal. What do you get extra?  $700 in free software and services. When you purchase any LunarPages hosting package, you receive bonuses such as a 60-day free trial with RatePoint, search engine optimization tools, advancement web analytic applications, and more. You also get free money that can be used to advertise your site through some of today’s most popular, and highly trafficked online channels. These bonuses add value to what is already a great bargain.


LunarPages has the track record, and portfolio to satisfy just about any need. Its solutions are affordable, reliable, and easy to use for beginners. While you can go with many web hosting providers, this company is never a bad choice. Hundreds of thousands of customers will agree.