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HostClear Review

hostclear review

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HostClear Web Hosting Review

HostClear is an up and coming provider of web hosting services. In fact, it just happens to be one of the fastest growing firms around. The company specializes in solutions designed for individuals and small businesses, providing an easy way to establish a presence online.

As an award winning company, HostClear has quickly built a reputation for being a host that is overwhelmingly dedicated to the needs of the customers. Sounds good, but is this service provider right for your needs? Get the answer with this detailed HostClear web hosting review.

Price Value

HostClear currently has three different web hosting packages, and each package is geared for customers with different needs. For example, the Home package is suited for personal needs, the Business package is ideal for startups, and Business Pro is designed for small businesses that demand a little more power. Whether you have personal or business endeavors, rest assured that all of HostClear’s hosting plans are economically priced, guaranteed to provide a bang for your buck.


Regardless of which HostClear hosting package you choose, you are assured an arsenal of features that can be put to good use. Some of the features that are consistent across each plan include a web-based file manager, full FTP access, and the ability to create an unlimited number of FTP accounts. For your messaging needs, HostClear provides a comprehensive email system, complete with unlimited accounts, three different webmail programs, and filtering tools to keep spam out of your inbox. You can also count on unlimited disk space and bandwidth to support the growth of your website. This great lineup of features makes HostClear’s offerings look impressive alongside some of the best of them.

Free Software

The offering of free software has become a common practice in the web hosting arena. HostClear gives you immediate access to some of the most highly sought after software applications available. Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, B2Evolution, and Mambo are just some of the options on the menu. The best thing about all of these applications is that no technical experience is needed to install them. Each application can be added onto your account in a single click, a luxury made possible by HostClear’s easy to use control panel.

Control Panel

HostClear uses cPanel as its control panel, a user-friendly piece of software that just happens to be the most widely used of its kind. Thanks to cPanel, managing your website is easy as can be. From a simple, graphical user interface, you can perform actions such as create email accounts, upload and download files, create encryption keys to secure your email communications, and administer all the domains you have added to your account. As we mentioned above, cPanel allows you to install various programs. This happens through Fantastico, a third-party one-click script installer that comes bundled with the software.  Even if you have never maintained a website before, cPanel will have you operating like a seasoned webmaster in no time.

Customer Support

Support is one of those factors you cannot afford to overlook when shopping for a web hosting solution. Problems can occur at any time, and when they do, you need to be able to find out what’s going on. Luckily, HostClear delivers some of the best support around. When times get rough, you can reach out to the knowledgeable support staff via toll free phone, email, or live chat. Also available is an intuitive Help Center equipped with video tutorials and a huge knowledge base full of helpful articles. It all amounts to HostClear’s efficient 24/7 support system.


The HostClear web hosting platform is rich in powerful and flexible technology. Its foundation is built on a customized version of the Apache web server and Linux, an operating system well known for its speed and durability. The platform boasts the best complementing technologies of these two applications, including MySQL databases, and a variety of programming languages that range from Ruby to the latest version of PHP. While these technical specifications generally appeal to more advanced users, many of them work behind the scenes to make the hosting experience easier to manage for newbies as well.

Service Reliability

A company that fails in the reliability department will have a tough time surviving in the fiercely competitive web hosting business. Understanding this, HostClear goes above and beyond to provide a highly reliable service. The company’s commitment to reliability starts with its pool of quad processor server, which are directly linked to industry leading internet backbones. Each piece of equipment receives the benefit of regular backups to ensure that every bit of your data can be restored.

HostClear operates out of a word class data center built to withstand the demanding requirements  of the hosting business. The facility is equipped with an advanced fire suppression system, as well as UPS units and generators to provide continuity in the event of outage. Other features include a sophisticated biometric security system, onsite armed guards, and around the clock surveillance monitoring. The HostClear data center is designed to ensure the continuous protection of your investment.


If all the impressive features aren’t enough, HostClear throws in some extra perks to sweeten the deal. These bonuses consist of free credits that can be used to advertise your website through Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Miva. You also receive a free 30-day trial to Constant Contact’s award-winning email marketing service, in addition to convenient access to Google Webmaster tools, a robust collection of tools that allows you to optimize your site for better search engine rankings. These extras make hosting with HostClear an even greater bargain.


HostClear may not have the long storied history of many other web hosting firms, but has been quite successful during its short time in the business. It has been able to grow fast through solutions that are affordable, easy to use, and backed by great support. If you need a website for personal or small business plans, HostClear would make an excellent choice.